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William Miller
William Miller
Derek is the man! He is a true pro. My countertop looks amazing. The installation was quick and the quartz is beautiful.
Calvin Seith
Calvin Seith
This is a long overdue review for a fantastic business and fantastic owner Derek Jeninga. I own an old house and back in 2018 I had a different company install my kitchen countertops on my brand new cabinets. Well it turned out that the installer of the cabinets hadn't taken into account that the floor wasn't level when he installed the cabinets so they were not shimmed. As a result the installer I used for the countertops came in and laid them right on the cabinets without warning me first that they weren't level. After they put the granite in place they cut the sink hole and faucet hole open and at that point the counter was too fragile to take back off without breaking it, and so I couldn't remove the counter later to shim up the cabinets. Well the backsplash was now on a a severe tilt, and it was extra noticeable because it sits right below a window sill which is level (see first and second picture). I didn't know how to fix this given how fragile the granite is but I thought it might be possible to simply have the backsplash recut to have a taper in it so that the top edge would be level and not be so noticeably off to the window sill. I called around and got a few estimators to come out and quote the job but once they saw my problem I either got no bids or costs for over $1000. That's when I chanced upon DJ Granite. I called and Derek answered and said my house was on his way home so he stopped right over same day. He saw my problem and said that if I removed the backsplash and brought it to his shop in Addison that he would cut the line at cost! He told me to use a laser level to mark the line on the piece and then told me how to carefully remove it from the wall and it worked like a charm. After I marked the line using a laser level (see 3rd and 4th pictures) I followed Derek's instructions to heat the piece to soften the adhesive holding it to the wall, and then to take a ton of wooden shims and carefully tap them evenly over and over until eventually the whole thing could come off (see 5th an 6th pictures). I wrapped the backsplash up in moving blankets and left them at Derek's shop and he did a beautiful job cutting the piece to perfection. After I re-installed it I put a level on it and it was dead perfect (see 7th, 8th and 9th pictures). You can't even tell that it wasn't level in the first place now or that the piece is tapered. Derek was willing to help me out when I had no options and customer service like that is impossible to find these days. I wouldn't use anyone but DJ Granite if I could go back in time and do it all over. Thank you DJ Granite!!!!
Lauren Kase
Lauren Kase
Best contractor by far for our kitchen reno project. Derek is so responsive and prompt and his work is amazing. Would 100% recommend.
Virginia Takaki
Virginia Takaki
Derek did a beautiful job on my kitchen counters. There's a very subtle sparkle to the iceberg quartzite that does not show up in pictures but its amazing how this counter transformed my kitchen. Derek was a pleasure to work with on this project. He was responsive and accommodating.
Adam, the Mando
Adam, the Mando
Horrible experience
DJ Granite & Marble is a rare find. Derrick goes way beyond the “just get the job done” altitude, with his desire to meet and exceed his customers’ needs and wishes. We were in a bind and needed to have countertops available for the contractor to complete our kitchen, in a very short time frame. My wife found DJ Marble through a Google search around 10AM on a Sunday morning and called. She expected to leave a message and was surprised when Derrick answered. She explained the situation and Derrick asked us to meet him at noon at a stone supplier. He took us around and explained each type in great detail. We finally picked the “perfect” quartzite stone only to find out that most of the stock was on hold for another customer. He smiled and said he’d be right back. About 10 minutes later he came back saying “the stone is yours”… the material was delivered to DJ Marble’s shop the next day. Derrick came to our house to measure and discuss details that we never considered, offering great insight and knowledge. We met with him 2 days later at his shop to layout the pieces, and with his help, ended up with enough extra material to include a backsplash in the laundry area. The tops were delivered and installed two weeks later! The workmanship and his professionalism is second to none. If you chose to work with DJ Marble you will not be disappointed and if you don’t, too bad:)
Tracy Healy
Tracy Healy
We had a great experience with Derek! Honorable, authentic, hard working and reliable! We replaced our 20 year old granite with Taj Mahal from Derek. Our kitchen is gorgeous and his attention to detail was fantastic! Don't hesitate - He is the real deal!
Shawna May
Shawna May
Always a great experience when working with Derek and DJ Granite . He has the best selection of Iceberg and Taj Mahal quartzite around and his prices really can’t be beat ( trust me I have shopped around! ) He Is very quick with his communication and is transparent with all details. I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process knowing he always had a solution to make my dream kitchen come to fruition . Definitely a contact I plan on giving all my clients looking to put a great and yet still affordable product in their homes .
Mike G
Mike G
I highly recommend Derrick for your solid surface needs. He will come through and make you smile! He did for us!
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Derek is amazing to work with - great “can-do” attitude. Came through with flying colors and a superhero cape when our countertop supplier left us high and dry with a 700 lb fragile quartz countertop sitting in our garage with no way to get into place on top of our new kitchen island. Derek scheduled for next day in between two other jobs - his crew came out and not only got the job done, but made it look easy. Money very well spent. Great guys to work with!

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Quartzite countertops are the leading material for kitchen application in the home.

With the strength of granite and the visual similarities to the most attractive marbles, Quartzite is a superior material for today’s kitchen and bathroom applications.

Quartz Vs Quartzite:

Some confusion between quartz countertops and quartzite countertops can be cleared up simply: Quartz countertops are ground quartz minerals to a dust which is then added to a polymer (plastic) to create the countertop surface. Quartzite natural stone material has a high concentration of quartz minerals in it to bring its hardness level equal to or greater than many granites.

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